WBNS 10tv

Our partners at WBNS were planning to upgrade their main broadcast studio to accommodate a variety of new shows. Their budget did not allow for a new permanent installation and they needed to be able to break it down and move it, so they reached out to Skyline to help them create a new modular set. We were also able to provide different styles to the structure to fit any given topic. We decided to use a combination of collapsible truss and rigid panels that could break down and be stored conveniently. The graphics produced are changeable and the large tension banners could easily be changed as needed. The two main new shows were a morning show and a sports program. The exhibit later became useful for fundraisers and political broadcast. A few years later, WBNS 10tv had yet another weekly talk show in the mix, however, we had an enormously tight turnaround that would require immediate action. The wave textured panels we had in mind had a six week lead time, so we recreated it as a graphic instead, also lowering production costs. Fortunately, the branding had been established, so we went to work on building a temporary back drop. We built a backdrop that stood on its own, and printed directly the desired texture. The branding was produced as a backlit logo, which turn out brilliantly, even on screen. This backdrop is used on the main set and is set aside when not used. We had partnered with WBNS from 2010 to 2020.