After Skyline continued to develop new systems over the years, a long term client of ours, CASTO, had an opportunity to update their exhibit at the annual ICSC show. Originally, I had worked with them on a layout that would serve their main purpose of creating private meeting spaces; there was big business to be done at this show. With more and more meeting spaces added as time passed, we worked together to create a more open space with more architectural design details that better represented CASTO’s brand. Meeting areas were defined by laying out blocks of space, and building from the inside out as they did not want any business deals to take place near crowded areas. We incorporated backlit graphics of some of their history to show their longevity in the industry, and created more areas for storage to eliminate clutter. We decided to keep the clean look of the laminated wood textured flooring, but added just enough padding underneath for comfort. Wall sconces, wooden slats, faux stone wall textures, and carefully chosen greenery were added to reinforce the look of a professional commercial building. Their exhibiting had always been a success, but with this new look, even their competitors could not help notice the attention to detail that makes CASTO stand out.